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Energy Medicine/Goddess Healing/Life Coaching With Susan

Do you need to let down and Relax….?

Are you a professional who feels in need of a spiritual tune-up and realignment with your purpose and essence? Are you a health care practitioner, counselor, or therapist who wants to be more effective in your practice? It is easy to absorb your client’s/patient’s pain and trauma and suffer from compassion fatigue and burn out. Are you a busy mom or dad who is tired and burnt out from all the demands or your day? Do you constantly give to others and neglect your own need to receive?

Remember yourself and re-commit to your own well-being and health.

Goddess Healings offer an opportunity to support your spiritual journey and let down your defenses and relax. Experience a healing with a three-pronged approach with attention to cognitive, emotional, and spiritual levels of your being.

Each one on one session lasts approximately one hour, begins with conversation to ascertain the activated issues that need to be addressed.  During this time we explore the obstacles and blocks that might be in the way of living your best life and impacting your relationships.  The session then involves a light respectful touch to various points on the body while fully clothed whereby those perceived obstacles and blocks are removed. There is no manipulation that could potentially result in pain, injury, or physical discomfort. A Goddess Healing involves laying on of hands, on the body, and on the energetic field that surrounds the body while holding the intention of charging, clearing, balancing, and stabilizing the energy field. This type of energy healing is used to assist you in deepening your relationships with yourself, others, and the divine.

Benefits of a Goddess Healing include an increase in energy levels and creation of harmony and balance so you can realize your full potential. Healings also facilitate the release of inconvenient emotions as well as enhance the experience of joy, passion and freedom to live the life you were meant to live. Goddess Healings offer an opportunity for you to allow yourself to be held in a safe space and explore areas longing to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged and healed.

‚ÄčTake that first step to reclaim your personal power, create healthy relationships, maintain overall health and manifest your longing.

Take the time to “Inquire Within” and let the process unfold.

Susan Milligan is a physician assistant who has been in practice since 1993, became a Reiki Master in 2003, and graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2008. Her style of energy healing is geared towards those who are looking for an alternative to western medicine healing and are ready to deepen contact with their essence.

The investment for a Goddess Energy Healing with Susan is $100 (one hour). By appointment only.

To book services, please call/text (941) 962-2555 or email us at [email protected]

Aura Image and Chakra Analysis

Aura images and Chakra analysis are done using a Quantum technology that measures your frequencies and then compares them to a standard normal range in the technology’s data base. The technology employs a patented voice analysis software, picture scan and identifying characteristics to link with your energy frequency to produce an image of your Aura and analyze the functioning of your Chakras.  The images are then texted or emailed to you with a short summary describing the findings.

Sessions are available in person or remotely.

The investment for an Aura Image and Chakra Analysis is $60. (20 minutes) By appointment only.

To book services, please call/text (941) 962-2555 or email us at [email protected]

Combination Aura Image, Chakra Analysis and Goddess Healing

The investment for an Aura Image, Chakra Analysis and Goddess Healing with Susan (one hour twenty minutes) is $160. By appointment only.

To book services, please call/text (941) 962-2555 or email us at [email protected]