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At Inquire Within Goddess Shoppe we celebrate the divine feminine!  Experience the relaxing atmosphere as well as the ‘quickening’, or spark of aliveness that wells up within you once you enter the space.   We offer services that support those on a spiritual journey inward.  Our current services are being offered in person and remotely, by phone and include: 

Energy Medicine/Goddess Healings with Susan

Life/Spiritual Coaching with Susan

    We offer beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry on our website and are currently accepting orders from the 48 contiguous United States.

  Susan Milligan is a Physician Assistant who was in practice from 1993-2016 and graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2008. Her style of energy healing is geared towards those who are looking for an alternative to western medicine and are ready to deepen contact with their essence. Goddess Healings offer an opportunity to come back to yourself and move past your programming and indoctrination.  It is an opportunity to allow yourself to be held in an energy field of compassion and acceptance and explore areas longing to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged and healed. Healings also facilitate the release of inconvenient emotions as well as enhance the experience of joy, passion and freedom to live the life you were meant to live beyond the control matrix of this realm. Experience an increase energy levels and create harmony and balance so you can realize your full potential!